Allen Liu

Allen is a sophomore at Enloe High School. He loves to do math, and has competed and won awards at numerous competitions, such as MATHCOUNTS and the NC State Math Contest. Aside from academics, Allen also enjoys swimming, which he has been doing for ten years, as well as playing the flute, which he has been doing for four. 

In about a month, the RTP Chapter has already hosted 18 events and has begun planning a big fundraiser to support the Wake County Public School Subsidy lunch program. Allen believes that being President has given him the opportunity to serve food provisions for those who need them, as well as operating groups, leading teams, and guiding teammates.

As an active member of the community, he loves to lead groups and volunteer for various activities. Allen hopes that the NC RTP Chapter can reach out to more people in the community and therefore help out more people in the RTP area.